Modelo 3D – Parasol para GoPro Hero 3 por thbruun – Thingiverse

When flying my DJI Phantom 2 I have noticed some issues flying in direct sunlight. The props cast a shadow on the lens that results in some banding on the video. As the camera is on a 3-axis gimbal a lens-hood needs to weigh absolutely nothing. I take no responsibility if you burn out the motors on your gimbal using this, as any weight other than the camera itself is outside the limits of the manufacturer. Having said that, this thing weighs in at 0.54 grams, before I sanded it to get a matte finish on the inside. I downloaded a file from GrabCad that I printed first, but it could be seen in frame when using superwide, and it weighed 1.12 grams (0.0395 ounces) which did seem a bit more than it needed to. After four iterations I got from 0.68 to 0.54 grams (0.0190 ounces). So once again, this should not be used by anyone on a gimbal. Should be ok on a fixed mount though. I will update this file as I test it.

Origen: Superlight highres GoPro Hero 3 lens hood by thbruun – Thingiverse